Infrared Sauna use has become popular in recent years.  It involves a dry sauna which produces sweat at lower temperatures, and has benefit of the electromagnetic radiation from an infrared source.


Potential Benefits

1. Enhances detoxification.

The skin is very important for detoxification and sweat is the main mechanism for this.   Sweat has been analysied from saunas and mercury, arsenic and ........

2.  Supports Longevity. 

Sauna prevents accumulation of unhealthy proteins in the body, and boosts antioxidant activity.  Resulting in better maintenance of our bodies cells, improved repair and degradation processes.

3. Heart Health

Sauna use may benefit heart health by improving heart muscle contractions, reducing artery stiffness, and blood cholesterol levels as well as lowering blood pressure.  Regular Sauna use is thought to reduce the chances of fatal heart disease and lower the chances of dying from all causes.

4.  Speeds Recovery.

Sauna use can increase growth hormone, improved blood flow and deliver more nutrients to areas that need them for recovery. Improved muscle function can be felt immediately after sauna.

5. Improved Mood and Stress Relief. 

Sauna increases the amount of endorphins in the blood improving mood long after the session has finished. Sauna also increases the hormone BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which plays an active role in anxiety, depression and cognition.  Regular sauna use helps with stress relief by lowering stress hormones.

6. Improved Physical Performance.

More blood flow to muscles means more glucose and oxygen is delivered to them, so that less glycogen is depleted during workouts.  Twice weekly sauna use after a workout has shown to enable a longer running performance before becomming exhausted.  Sauna may also help with hyperthermic conditioning prior to events requiring sports performance in hot climates.

7. Helps Pain Relief

Sauna results in the release of endorphins which are natural pain killers.  Sauna use also may relieve pain by reducing the release of anti-inflammatory hormones.  Fibromyalgia pain is improved by sauna use due to the softening of tendons and facia, and the feeling of being warmed to the bone.  These effects are quickly felt.

8. Skin Health. 

Because sauna helps with detoxification, this can help with skin health, reduced oil on acne prone skin and better skin pH and hydration.

9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sauna use can help with chronic fatigue syndrome, but this needs to be discussed prior to use.

10. Improved Mental Performance. 

Studies find that sauna use can increase nordadrenaline levels and BDNF which supports focus, attention span and growth of new brain cells for long term memory and learning.

11. Immune System. 

Autoimmune syndroms can benefit from thermal therapies.



IR saunas use light from the infrared spectrum to generate heat which penetrates the skin to improve blood flow to reach the deeper organs and tissues of the body.

Infrared waves, matches the frequency of the water in our cells, allowing toxins to be released into the blood stream and excreted through sweat. Increased blood circulation caused by sweating stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built up toxins and waste. The deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow and improving circulation, which in turn allows more oxygen to reach the muscles and other body tissues to help repair and relax.

See how it works in the figure below


*It’s like being in the sun without any harmful solar effects.

At Lagan’s Wellness Clinic our Sauna uses Far infrared light, we also can provide Near infrared and Red light therapy if required.

Safety Tips 

Always hydrate well before, during and after a sauna. Avoid alochol use before or after sauna use. 

Who can’t use the sauna 

We take extra precautions with people who have very high blood pressure or heart related problems, chronic fatigue or are very chemically sensitive (toxic release needs management).

IR Sauna Experience 

Come in and change in our private room into shorts and T shirt, or just underwear. Relax in our one person sauna for 20 to 30minutes. Infrared light causes the body to sweat at a lower temperature of only 35-45C, heating the internal tissues without overheating the skin and respiratory system as ordinary saunas do. You will leave feeling relaxed and warm to the core. We will provide you with fresh clean towels, a drink bottle and rehydration formula.

Our Equipment

Our sauna is completely free of toxic glues and off-gassing materials. Ultra Low EMF Nano Carbon Heaters with virtually No EMF Emissions. Industry first Evolve 360 degree Infrared Body Coverage. Superior Positioned Heaters to induce a faster heavier sweat. No Cloth Covers on Heaters (They block radiant Heat & can potentially off-gas). 100% Hypoallergenic Hardwood Basswood Construction/NO Toxic Plywood. Constructed with FDA Approved Non-Toxic Food Safe Glue.

For More Information

Visit:  Dr Pawluk

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