Prescription Repeat Reminder Services

Lagans Pharmacy Upper Hutt will help remind you when your medicine repeats are due.

When your prescriber writes a prescription they may requires you to take medicine for an extended period of time.  Sometimes these need to be supplied in smaller regular repeat quantities.  These quantities are usually for monthly lots, and further months supplied these are called "repeats".   

Repeats are available only for a period of time set by Pharmac rules, and so if they are not collected in time, then these "expire".  An expired medicine may still be available, but they are no longer funded by the government.

Life gets busy. So it can be easy to forget when you are due for your repeat medicines, and leave it to the last minute to collect a fresh supply from your pharmacy. 

For many medicines it is very important to keep taking everyday without interruption.  This can be critical for your health and to prevent worsening health issues.  Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you want to know if your medicines are like this.

At Lagans Pharmacy we aim to make life easier for you, and help prevent you running out of medicine.  

We offer a service to remind you about your next prescription repeat is due.  

Approximate one week before your medicine is anticipated to run out, we will aim to send you a text or email to remind you that your next medicine supply is due. 

Never miss a repeat again.  

This service is free, and can help save your money on doctors appointments, because you missing out on your last repeat supply of medicines, can mean you need to see the doctor earlier than you may have intended.

We can also remind you when your next prescription is due.

Where possible, it pays to always have a weeks supply of medicine available at home, as in an emergency such as an earthquake, flood or other disaster, you will have the essential medicines you need to keep well until you can access regular services.

If you were to run out of medicines before your next prescribers appointment, then talk to our dispensary staff to see if you may qualify for an "emergency supply".   There are very strict laws around this, so it is only possible in set conditions.

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