Lagans Wellness Clinic was founded by Pharmacist Raewyn Richardson to provide scientifically validated health care solutions as a complement or alternative to the traditional New Zealand medical model.

Each of our treatments can boost health and sports performance and be used to slow down aging.

Over her thirty year career Raewyn has encountered many situations or people who cannot tolerate or find healing or relief from health issues such as stroke recovery, head injury, cognitive decline, wound healing, nerve pain, immunity issues, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, inflammation, mental health, heart disease, CRPS disease, joint issues, autoimmune conditions  etc.  Each such person has been an inspiration to her to find a solution for them.  

As as well as training on each of our internationally acclaimed devices, Raewyn provides Natural, Nutritional and Environmental Medicine consultations, sharing her knowledge from her post graduate studies as a Natural Medicine Practitioner.

Our clinic works to find the best outcome for you as a person. Each plan is tailored made for you rather than being a population based medical treatment whereby one size fits all. We aim for measurable outcomes.

We promise always to act with integrity, are available to answer your questions during consultations, and are happy to provide and discuss evidence for our treatments plans.