Small Sized Mobility Scooters

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Mid Size Mobility Scooters

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Heavy Duty / Large Mobility Scooters

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Our Mobility Scooters 

We supply only new mobility scooters and have an extensive range of models and sizes to meet your needs. All our scooters come with a warranties.

All our scooters are serviced and repaired by qualified scooter technicians under contract to the manufacturers. They will come to you.


Purchasing a Mobility Scooter

Purchasing a mobility scooter doesn't need a referral from a doctor or require a drivers license. They are easy to drive and have many features to keep you safe. 

Financing  and Funding Options

Community Grants

You may be eligible to apply for a grant from The Lottery Fund. These are available to Individuals with Disabilities for people with mobility and communication-related disabilities. They will fund the price of vehicles, vehicle modifications, scooters and other mobility equipment that will provide outdoor mobility. 

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Work and Income NZ may provide you with assistance, depending on your circumstances.

Layby or QCard

You can pay for your purchase with Laybuy or QCard to help you with spreading the cost. 


Personalised Advice

We are available to help talk with you about what would best solution to suits your needs.