Karma Ergolight Lightweight Wheelchair - Transit

NZ$1,500.00 NZ$1,230.00

Our Favorite Lightweight Wheelchair. Only 8.5kg, it folds easily to fit in your car boot.


The Karma Ergo Lite Transit Wheelchair is a top selling, lightweight wheelchair perfect for outings and travellers. It folds down to take up virtually no space in the boot of a car and weighs only 8.5 kg – making it easy for anyone to lift into a vehicle. The Karma Ergolite is the perfect chair if you're seeking a solution for outings to the park, shopping mall, or anywhere in the community for that matter.


Available in sizes of 16" wide x 16.5" deep, and 18" wide x 16.5" deep.

Please note: sizes are measured between the armrests, rather than the seat width.


  • Folding backrest for ease of storing in vehicles
  • Tall backrest for added support and ease for caregiver to push wheelchair
  • Extremely lightweight alloy frame
  • High mounted, push to lock brakes
  • 70 degree leg rests, with calf strap
  • Adjustable length leg rests
  • Low seat to floor height for ease of transfer
  • Modern, high quality anti-bacterial upholstery
  • Fixed armrests and leg rests – not able to be misplaced
  • Desk armrests allowing wheelchair to easily fit under tables and desks
  • Double cross bracing – strong but easily folded
  • Tool kit for ongoing standard maintenance
  • A premium product – those who own them say it was worth every cent!

    for more details:
  • https://www.alliedmedical.co.nz/media/5774/karma-ergolite-brochure.pdf




NZ$1,500.00 NZ$1,230.00