Medicine Management Service

Do you struggle to keep track of which medicines to take throughout the day?

When to take them and why you take them? 

When you need to collect them and when you need a new prescription?

We offer a medicine management service, in which we use compliance packing to pack your medicines according to the directions of your doctor.

We can you also provide you with a medicine chart and/ or a signing sheet, as well as reminders when to arrange a new prescription.  

Our medicine management service is particularly useful when you take multiple medicines, your medicines are changing, you have been in hospital or you are traveling overseas. We can often include your supplements in your pack. 

Ask us about our medicine management service the next time you bring in a prescription, or prior to your next scheduled repeat.

The cost depends on the number of packs you will need.  This cost is often covered by Income Support. (MSD)

Contact us if you have any questions