Ear Piercing

We provide a private and sterile ear and nose piercing service performed by well trained pharmacy staff.


  • We offer a wide selection of earring colors, shapes, sizes and styles.



  • We use the Studex 75 System.  This system has individual sterile cartridges containing  hypoallergenic studs and clasps.  The cartridges  are placed using a non touch technique into the piercing instrument. Studs, clasps and piercing instrument do not touch the ears during the process.


  • Virtually pain-free - quieter, sharper and slimmer than previous types, they are a good choice for children’s ears. 

  • We can usually pierce both ears at the same time.


 Who is suitable?

  • We can pierce any age - including baby ear piercing.   For babies we use a special stud with a shorter post on it.  We have pierced babies ears from as little as three days old. Many cultures have piercings from a young age.  We find babies seldom have more than a few seconds cry from the event.   Please call ahead to check staff who can deal with babies are available at the time you choose.

  • People who have no active skin infections or eczema.

  • People who have no contagious disease.

  • People over 16 years of age, or younger if there is parent or guardian consent.

After care 

  • We can provide you with an antiseptic solution to keep your piercing hygienic.
  • We will provide you with written information on how to care for your new piercing.
  • We have a selection of suitable earrings to wear after your first earrings are able to be removed.



  • Earrings and piercing starts at $20 - a few dollars more for more expensive choices of earrings.
  • $5 for the antiseptic solution.



  • We use a separate piercing system for this.
  • stud, piercing and antiseptic cost $35.00 

Contact us if you have any questions